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About Us

Hi there!
You're probably wondering who we are and why we're here for you? Well, I will give a brief explanation to help better understand. We offer our products to the public (+18) for personal fun and entertainment. We would like to grow and share our experiences with you, we are still working on our website as it is still fresh and requires a lot more maintenance for optimal use. If there's is anything that YOU would like to see (EX: certain product / better price) don't be afraid to reach out. We will do our best to satisfy your needs.

We're all human, we've all got dreams. Some would dream of dual penetration, or maybe even being taken advantage of. Some people have deeper itches that need to be scratched. You can find almost everything to fulfil that need RIGHT HERE at Adult Enterprise.

We're here to help make your dreams a reality, while our dreams become reality too. Every purchase that's made, any profit gets set aside to fund this website and our dream. Usually, anyone who starts a business is in it for personal gain - this is not the case here. Adult Enterprise was started for family support, as our family needs it. This isn't supposed to be a pity party so cheer up! We're full of information and decided to share it with YOU. One thing we're really good at is customer support, something that is deprived of in many businesses nowadays.

+18 Only! No Solicitors!

Note: This website will be worked on (as stated in our terms of service) and will be getting more information, pages, items, learning facts, suggestions, personal recommendations, etc..


I'd like to thank you as the customer for continuing to use this site.

I would like to make these statements very clear :

  • Adult Enterprise is here for YOU and would like to offer these adult novelty products to YOU.
  • YOUR information is YOURS! It's not shared for any reason other than to operate this site and to get YOU what YOU want.
  • YOU'RE a valued customer, not a transaction. We will do everything in my power to give YOU the best support without disappointment.
  • This is YOUR judge free zone! If YOU have a question, YOU'LL get an answer. There are no dumb questions when there's something YOU need to know.

Thank you for your support! We can do business for as long as you shop with us! (+18) Whether you're a new customer or not, you are welcomed.